Colorado Half Marathon Training: Week One Wrap-Up

First week is done! I think it went really well. My body felt sore, but in the best possible way. I survived my first two speed workouts and felt stronger when I was done. I spent more time with my old friend the treadmill than I’d like. I cannot wait for the temps to be in the 60’s this weekend. It will be amazing do to a long run outside in the sunshine without worrying about slipping and sliding on ice.

As much as I hate running inside, there are benefits. I find treadmills are my best friend when it comes to tempo and interval workouts. When I’ve tried to do them outside, my pace tends to be all over the place. I’ll be way faster than I should be at first and then be struggling to hit the paces at the end because I’m burned out. Treadmills are awesome for keeping you at your target pace. I don’t know about you but the fear of falling off the treadmill while it’s running is motivation enough to swing my arms and move my legs as fast as possible.

Another benefit, bathrooms. What’s left of the trails we have around here after the summer flooding do have the occasional bathroom. The problem is that they are all closed for the season. They won’t open up again until April-ish. Even without taking gels and such so far, my stomach has been a mess. I think I’m fighting off the same thing the kids have been. TMI? Sorry.

With that, a review of my week in training:

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 5.75 miles (8×400 @ 7:19)
Wednesday – Bob Harper’s Kettle Bell Cardio
Thursday – 4 mile tempo (2 miles @8:18)
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Unplanned rest…ugh. But I did run tons of errands, lugged heavy bags of                                 groceries and over-sized items from Sam’s Club, and do lots of cooking.
Sunday – 9 miles

One thought on “Colorado Half Marathon Training: Week One Wrap-Up

  1. Nice work! I’ve been on the treadmill a lot, and I am liking the controlled speed for the quality workouts. I’m almost scared that I won’t be able to do it outside. We’ll see. Of course, the one thing I won’t see is 60s this weekend. Oh, to be in Colorado!

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