A Valentine’s Day Montague

Oh Valentine’s Day. You come every year whether or not we want you. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Hallmark holiday because I think you should express your love daily, but it is fun to make valentine’s and celebrate with my little family. Here are a few images from the day:

Surprise from Josh:


Valentines for the teachers:

teacher valentines

Valentines for Ella’s classmates:

Ella's valentines

Me actually putting myself together a bit:

Jess V-day

Ella’s silly face at her V-Day party:

Ella V-Day Bag

Ella’s friends (man she looks small in this pictures):

Ella and school friends

My little valentines:

Ella and AJ Vday

A little more sibling love because it’s so sweet:

My big Valentine:

Jess and Josh v-ady

Cards from the kiddos (we have no idea what that sign me up part of Ella’s card means):

kids valentines

Perfect end to the night:


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