All About Anderson – Six Months

My five month post was so late, this one snuck right up and is still late. Anderson is officially half a year old. I can hardly believe that it’s been six months already.

Aj smiling Anderson 1 Anderson and Heart

I feel like we just brought him home. He is now 18 lbs 5.5 oz and 26.5 inches long. As you can see, his growth rate has slowed but he’s still growing. He’s dropped down in the percentiles from about the 95th to around the 60th. Our doctor said it was not concerning because he was just evening out after rapid growth the first few months of his life.

This month Anderson has really become more of a baby and less of a newborn. His jerky movements are now quite intentional. He reaches for the things he wants and when a he drops a toy he contorts himself into odd positions in order to grab it again. His favorite spot to hang out is his exersaucer.


He started arching his back when in the Bumbo, so now when we eat, he primarily hangs out there. He can spin himself all the way around in it to reach different parts of it, but his favorite is the beanstalk. He loves to chew on it.

He’s been drooling up a storm and everything goes in his mouth, including his feet.


No teeth to be seen. Hopefully he takes after Ella in that he waits another 5-6 months before getting his chompers.

No advancement on the movement front, though I know he does it. He’s definitely not crawling, but he has maneuvered himself around. Of course, he doesn’t do it when I’m watching. I have to leave the room and then he’ll be a foot away from where I left him a few minutes earlier. This is only when he’s laying on the floor. If he’s sitting, he’s at the awesome stage where we can sit him down with a toy or book and he won’t move.

Last week I made Anderson really belly laugh. OMG, it was the greatest sound. I could not stop laughing myself and it just made my entire week. He’s babbling a lot. He says mama all the time. I know that it is not directed at me and he’s not actually talking yet, but it’s fun to hear him practicing making different sounds. Makings sounds is probably one of his favorite things to do, especially blowing extra drooly raspberries. When we do it back he squeals with joy, especially when it’s Ella.

Ella and AJ

He’s showing attachment to each of us. He watches us very carefully as we walk around the room. If it’s just the two of us, the moment he can’t see me, big tears come. I come back, all smiles while a crocodile tear still falls down his cheek.

His sleep has been all over the place. Some nights are great, but we’ve had some bad ones lately with his first ear infection and an upper respiratory infection. This means he’s been sleeping with me a lot.

When I put him in his bed, he cries a big, angry cry. He is definitely beginning to make his wishes known.

He is getting to such a fun age! He sits so well that he can play with toys and not tip right over. He smiles and coos all the time and has become so interactive. He’s even a good sport when we put silly glasses on him.

Time needs to slow down. I’m just not ready for my baby to be this big already.


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