Colorado Half Marathon Training – Week Six

Hi, hello. My name is Jess and I’m a horrible blogger lately. You’d think it would take me no time at all to get these posts going. I think I need 36 hour days to even get in the wheelhouse of accomplishing half of the tasks on my plate right now. I have had Anderson’s seven month update sitting in cue for nearly two weeks because I just haven’t gotten around to uploading pictures. Anyway, let’s get on with training.

Last week was a great training week. My schedule was a bit off because we went up to Winter Park for the weekend to get in one last dose of winter. Finally, my skis that collected dust for all those years, were put to good use. I actually skied four time this season. That’s nothing for many locals, but for this one, it’s an accomplishment.

I do not necessarily recommend doing a long run then skiing the next day. Though the muscles are definitely used in different manners, it’s those same legs muscles. My legs were beat after skiing on Saturday. Probably didn’t help that our condo also had four flights of stairs. Yes, four, not counting the stairs to get to the kitchen. No fatigue good food, company and beer couldn’t alleviate.

Monday – 6×400 @ 7:18 (4.75 miles)
Tuesday -30 Day Shred
Wednesday – 6 miles (ladder run – not feeling the tempo)
Thursday – Rest
Friday – 12 miles
Saturday – skiing
Sunday – Gymnastic area with kiddos, 85 million trips up and down those stairs

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