Making of Memories

There is something about the smell of popcorn, cotton candy and handheld light up toys that brings memories from my childhood flooding back. On Saturday afternoon, Ella and I sat in our seats at a local events center, ready to be wowed by the 100 Years of Disney ice skating show. I scanned the audience, seeing random lights all around, kid scarfing down on popcorn and other treats, and instantly felt like a kid again. It brought back memories of attending the circus, begging to get one of those cheap toys and get all of the clowns’ autographs (obviously this was before Stephen King ruined clowns for me).

photo 1

As I stared off into the crowd, I started to wonder when she’ll start to form long term memories. What sounds, smells and sights will ignite fond childhood memories? Will she remember Disney on Ice, trips we take, special events or just random days that were special in their own way?

photo 4 photo 5

I watched Ella’s eyes wide with wonder as she watched her favorite princesses and characters take the ice. She sat there mouth agape in amazement. It brought a huge smile to my face and I realized that whether or not she remembered that day fondly, it was totally worth the cost of admission, a coloring book and a souvenir cup of lemonade.

photo 3


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