Better Attitude, Better Runs

Last week, geez, my last post (I’m trying to plan posts better), I told you guys about my poor attitude around my long runs lately. It was negatively impacting my run quality again and again. After struggling through an eight mile run on Monday, I decided it needed to stop. You know what, I had GREAT runs this week.

Wednesday I set out to do 3×800 at 7:20 – something pace. I hit the gym and nailed my intervals at 7:24 min/mile pace. It was a short and sweet four miles. I walked back into my house with a big smile. Friday was the same story. I planned to do my tempo on Thursday, but the kids decided not to go to bed until about 9, so that went straight out the window. I was so grumpy. I hit the gym right after work for my five mile tempo. Again, good attitude, good run.

This weekend I tackled my longest run since the Las Vegas Half Marathon. I woke up feeling well rested after Anderson slept for seven hours straight, waking to eat then going back to sleep for three more hours! Yes, I got like seven hours of sleep Saturday night. I had forgotten how amazing getting so much sleep is.

I struggled to get out the door between putting Anderson down for a nap and gathering up all my crap. Once I did, I told myself to enjoy the beautiful weather, beautiful mountain views and not even look at my Garmin unless I was stuck at a stoplight. I was at about 3 miles when I hit my first stoplight. Looked down and I was averaging 8:48.

The light gave me the green and I ran another mile and a half before hitting a second light. I kept going until I got to my favorite lake to run around. When I got there, 5.5 miles under my belt, it was time for some fuel. I was still averaging about 8:50 or so, but my energy was starting to lag. I didn’t have a chance to buy more gels, so I ate a package of fruit snacks and set off for a loop around the lake.

photo 1 (3)

With a loop done, I was just shy of nine miles. I decided it was a good time to take the last three ShotBloks I had because the previous mile had been tough. I don’t think fruit snacks are quite enough for me. Little water and I was off again, out of the neighborhood and back towards home. That next miles I struggled, but I felt the bloks kick in by mile 10.5.

Right as I was running towards my neighborhood for my last two miles, the wind picked up and it started sprinkling on me. I was cold and getting tired, but I was so close. I hit the 13.1 mark at 1:56 and some change which made me feel quite confident that I’ll be able to run under two hours next month. I was almost dead-on with my route, but had to run .25 miles past my house to hit 14.

I finished my long run in 2:04:30 with an average pace of 8:53. Though not as fast as some of my other long runs, it felt so much easier and more fun. I wasn’t worried about pace and I didn’t just want it to be over. I actually enjoyed the entire run, rain, head wind and all. What a difference a good attitude can make.

photo 2 (3)

I hit a weekly mileage high of 31 miles. Doing my long run from the previous weekend on Monday threw me off a bit. It’s no wonder I’m feeling a bit sore today. I hope you all had a great weekend!

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