Saturday Sweet 16

There is a calm early on Saturday mornings. They are free from the hustle and bustle of Monday-Friday grind. It’s a perfect time for mind clearing, stress relieving runs. I was up just before dawn feeding Anderson and figured I should just put my shoes on. It was time for my longest run of half marathon training and if I didn’t do it before the Easter egg hunt at school, I’d be doing it during my late afternoon energy lull.

At 6:30 am I was out the door.

It was slightly overcast and quiet. Almost eerily so. I had run over a mile before I saw a car drive down the road, three miles before I ran into another person on the sidewalk. There was a light breeze and the sun creeping through the clouds onto my face. I turned down my music and tried to take in the sounds of spring.

I had run almost exactly five miles when I arrived at McIntosh. I took my chocolate outrage GU and started my first loop around the lake. It was gorgeous. I drooled over a new house being built on the lake with a wall full of windows that overlook not only the lake, but also Longs Peak. If it were my house I would never leave that room.

My run was feeling effortless. I was consciously avoiding looking at my watch. Pace didn’t matter. By the middle of my second lap, there were runners, walkers with their dogs, and kids playing at the playground. I was just about to take my second GU when Josh called to make sure I hadn’t gotten lost or something because he thought I was only doing 10 miles. I had 11.75 under my belt and was ready to turn towards home.

I tried out the Salted Caramel GU. Pretty tasty, though not nearly as good as the real caramels I was dreaming about eating on Easter. When I hit a stop light about two miles from home, I changed the view on my watch to see what my pace was. I was averaging 8:57 min/miles. Just to see if I could manage it, I decided to pick up the pace for the last two miles.

I had mapped out my 16 miles so that I would basically be at my front door when my run was over. Knowing this, I watched the last tenth of a mile come to an end. I had my longest postpartum run to date and felt like I could have kept going. I had even managed negative splits for the last two miles.

Distance: 16 miles                            Time: 2:22:53                     Average Pace: 8:55 min/mile

When I walked in the door the kids were up and excited to see me. Ella gave me a good morning kiss and promptly told me that I smelled. I stretched, fed Anderson and hopped in the shower so that we could head off to the candy fest egg hunt.

Surprisingly I haven’t gotten sore. I did become quite ravenous though and made Josh stop at Chipotle to get a burrito. I enjoyed every single bite and the brief nap that followed. Only two weeks until race day!

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