Big decisions, big move

I’ve alluded to big changes at our house and my astronomical stress level in several recent posts both here and Facebook. There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes, for many months now.

Back in January, Josh was laid off along with 200 other people. We’d known for two years that this layoff was imminent. What we did not know is when the ax would drop. When it actually happen, it was almost surreal. In a simple email he told me he’d been laid off and would be getting a pretty good severance package. That day Josh was told that he’d be working until April 30th.  He immediately went into job search overdrive – being able to bank his severance rather than have to live on it would be best case scenario.

After reviewing his resume and talking about what companies he may want to work for and the type of position he aspired to get, he started sending out his resume. He followed up with old colleagues and worked his network. He had a handful of interviews and was lucky enough to get offers from every company he interviewed with. He had a choice of several positions. Not a bad problem to have.

Here’s the problem that caused my stress level to spike…none of positions were local. Not just outside of our immediate area, but they were all outside of Colorado.

We knew that the biotech industry, with the exception of small start-ups, is lacking here. We talked about it being a good time to move, if we had to, because the kids aren’t in school and we wanted to buy a new house anyway. When the offers from Northern California, North Carolina and Minnesota came in, we had a lot to consider.

After researching, thinking about what each opportunity meant professionally for Josh and financially for our family, what it’d mean for our lifestyle, proximity to family/friends, cost of living, etc. we made a decision.

In just about a month, we’re moving to Minneapolis.

Telling our family and friends has been sad and exciting. Telling my boss was terrifying. You see I’m finally at a place where I feel like I’m learning, making a difference and really getting to do the kind of marketing I want to do. My boss went to our president who said he’d be happy to keep me on as a consultant. We’re still thinking about what that means and how it will all work. It might mean I setup my own LLC. If it does not work out, I will be staying home with the kids for the rest of the summer to help them adjust to our new home, find child care and look for a new job.

Spring is a time for new life and changes. What a change we’ll be making.

I’m going to be sharing the process of relocating across the country as we go. I suppose I should start thinking of a new blog name too!

4 thoughts on “Big decisions, big move

  1. I am so excited for you even though it totes gives me a reason NOT to move to Colorado. It’s fantastic that things are working out and falling into place. I hope you have a safe and stress-free (as possible) move!

    P.S. It’s a bummer about July but life happens. You will have to give me every place that’s safe to run alone and find out where Kara G. is running. Maybe she’ll join me? Also, I may or may not have checked to see how far away Minneapolis is. You should think Chicago races. Definitely Chicago. The other Kim says to do it, too.

  2. Congratulations to you and Josh! What an adventure for all of you. It is a good time to do it when the kids are young and adaptable. We moved A LOT when we were kids and our mom always made it an adventure and just threw herself into her new environment, which made is so much easier for us. I know it is stressful but it will also be exciting. Good luck to all of you, I can’t wait to hear all about it. I have a childhood friend who lives in Minnesota and loves it, I will have to make a trip to visit you all! XO, Jannie

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