Final Longmont 5k

About a week ago as I ran around McIntosh, I remembered that there is usually a 5k there around this time of year. Quick Google search and $25 later I was registered for the Mud Hen 5k. It just so happened my stepsister was coming down to do laundry and get a non-dorm meal, so she could watch the kiddos for me since Josh is out of town.

Saturday morning I woke up to the sweet sound of Ella saying ‘Good Morning Mommy.’ She and Anderson cuddled with me until she decided she could wait no longer for breakfast.

weekend cuddles

We enjoyed our toast and fruit, as we talked about what a day we were going to have.

Just after putting Anderson down for his nap, Rachel arrived and I ran out the door to the park. I got to the park with oh about seven minutes before the start. I bolted to the bib pick-up and made it in time for the official start of the race.

mud hen 1

The race starts in the grass which always throws me off. It’s uneven and I always find the one hidden hole to trip on. I made a rookie mistake which seems to be all too common on these shorter races for me – I bolted from the starting line. I was in a group with the first 10 people for about the first mile or so which has never happened to me before.

I knew there were two women in front of me, so I was thinking, I might be able to place in my age group. The thing about going out too fast, it catches up with me. I had to take a walk break to catch my breath around 1.75 miles. I only walked for maybe 30 seconds but it was long enough for another woman to pass me. There went my chance to be in the top three women overall.

I kept pushing myself but was slowing down. I was hot and glad it was just a 5k. I took one more brief walk break around 2.5 miles and then tried to pick up the pace as much as possible through the finish line. I crossed the finish line, grabbed a bottle of water and plopped down in the grass shaded by the banana and orange tent.

Once I cooled down I grabbed my t-shirt and hung around to hear the race results. Well guess what:

mud hen 2

That’s right, I won my age group and was the fourth woman overall. Yes, it was a very small race, but still exciting. I’ve never placed in, let alone won, my age group.

Time: 24:42                Distance: 3.1 miles                    Avg. Pace: 7:57 min/mile

I think it was a great way to end my days of running around my favorite local lake. After showering, we went for lunch at Cheese Importers followed by a cupcake from Happy Cakes, two other local favorites. An excellent Saturday in the books.


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