Perfect Pre-Race Dinner

Race week is here! Now that we’re mid week, it’s time to start focusing on nutrition (read carbs). I’m starting to thinking about what to fix for our pre-race dinner with the family. Sure there will be some sort of grain, but carbohydrates aren’t the only nutrient we need to fuel our body for the half marathon.

While many people, myself included, typically gorge on a big pasta dinner the night before races, it actually takes several days to carb load. That big pre-race dinner may end up only giving you a stomach ache during the race, rather than the boost you were hoping for.

In doing a little searching for new recipes that will taste delicious and also power our bodies for the race, I found some interesting pre-race dinners other people enjoy. From BLTs to Gyros and everything in between. Some that I found would kill my stomach, others sounded pretty good.

My list of top contenders:

-Grilled chicken with rice and veggies
-Chicken or beef stir fry with veggies and rice
-Chicken, artichoke and spinach pasta

Each of the meals is easy, has ingredients most people eat regularly, are low in sugar and still have the desired protein, carbs and vitamins. In the meantime, I’ve been eating my fair share of bread, pretzels, crackers and cookies to start building my carb store for race day. Hopefully they help carry me through what might be a very hot race!

What’s your favorite pre-race dinner?

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