The House That Became Home

A house is just a building. A shelter from the elements, a place to keep your stuff and to lay your head down at night. That is how our house started. It was to be our three year house. After all we never really wanted to live in Longmont, it was simply the place that was in between Fort Collins and Boulder (where we were working respectively) and within our budget.

Jess and Josh bought a house

When we bought it, we walked (side note: Josh actually carried me over the threshold) into a house that had holes in the carpet, pet stains, linoleum, wall paper in the bathrooms, a bright red Husker bedroom and another bedroom that had only backer board on the floor. Beer cans and bottle tops were strewn about the dead lawn, signs of one last party before the previous homeowner had been booted during the foreclosure process.

Slowly we made it our own. We spent evenings and weekends laying wood floors, painting walls, removing wall paper, laying tile, etc. The years started creeping by and before we knew it, we hit the three year mark. It came and went, with it, our plans to uproot. We thought, oh maybe next year or the one after that.

Here we are 6.5 years later. The house we bought has become our home. It’s been filled with joy, sadness, laughter and tears. It is the house we came home to after we got married, the house we brought our babies home to. It’s where Ella learned to walk and Anderson to crawl. Each room is filled with memories of moments that are not significant in the grand scheme of life, but have left an impression in my mind and heart.

family xmas morning

This week we did the final preparations to put our house on the market. It sparkles with the dream of becoming a home to another family. The first showings are tomorrow. We’re hopeful that someone else will walk in the front door and realize that it is the house that will become their home just as we hope to have happen this weekend when we’re in Minneapolis.

Leaving our house on the day we move is going to be really hard. There will be laughter as we recount the good times and tears (mainly from me) as we say goodbye to our first home.

*Totally on the verge of tears just writing this. Oye, I need to get it together! I’ll post pictures of our listing once it’s up!

2 thoughts on “The House That Became Home

  1. I was on the verge of tears reading this! Such a sweet post. The move is so exciting and yet bittersweet. Best wishes on a quick, stress-free sale!!!

  2. I have tears in my eyes reading this because I know how you feel. A house becomes a home because of everything that happens while you live there. Both the good and the bad…more good than bad. You capture it beautifully. May you find a new home to continue your journey in and be just as happy in it. I love you all,

    Aunt Jannie

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