House Hunting Begins

Well good news, we sold our house in a matter of hours. Even better, we only had to clean once and don’t have to deal with shuttling the kids and dog around during showings. Icing on the cake, we’re getting $9k above our asking price and the buyer is paying closing costs! Though our best case scenario, its sad knowing someone else will be living in our house after we close on the 9th of June. Here are a few pictures for the curious:

house 1 Hosue 2 House 4 hosue 3 House 6 House 5

Last weekend while our house was busy, we had a very busy trip of our own to Minneapolis. We had two major goals:

  • Find somewhere to land when we get to town in a few weeks
  • Find the area we want to live in

I’ve been stalking various locations on the internet for weeks, well, months now but there is only so much you can determine from pictures online. We got hooked up with a Realtor who offered to drive us all over the northwest metro area. He was well prepared for the kids. Built-in DVD player with movies on hand, yes please!

First order of business was finding temporary housing. We definitely do not want to unpack all of our stuff twice. Ideally we wanted an apartment or condo that was furnished, leaving us responsible only for bringing clothes, books and toys. We toured two and decided on one in Minnetonka. In addition to meeting the furnished requirement, it’s also pet friendly (can’t forget about Lucky), has a pool and newly updated fitness center. It’s also nestled in huge trees and near a lake that offers a playground, picnic area and swimming. I plan on us being outside a lot this summer.

With that accomplished, it was onto city and house touring. We gave our Realtor some parameters to try to help narrow down options.

  1. Good schools are a must. Private schools are an option we may look into when the time comes, but we don’t want it to be our only option.
  2. Three bedroom minimum, four would be better so I can have a dedicated office. I’m going to try out consulting for a while. Having a work space is a must.
  3. Easy access to running trails and parks.
  4. We like communities that have a lot of community events – parades, art walks, etc.
  5. Under 30 minute commute for Josh.

With that he took us around Maple Grove, Plymouth, Osseo (cute but not great schools) and Minnetonka. We toured almost a dozen houses over two days. Most of them had some of the desired features but we didn’t find one house with all of them. Ella however, judged every house by two things – pink items and bathrooms. She had to use the bathroom in nearly every single house, even if she’d just gone five minutes earlier. Her favorite house was one that had a pink castle on the wall of one of the bedrooms. Any house that had no pink, she was not interested in. Priorities…

On our way to the airport Josh and I drove around a bit more. We found a neighborhood we loved in Plymouth that was about $80-100k out of our price range…of course. We also like Wayzata’s charm. When we get back into town permanently, I’ll be hitting it hard with our agent, bringing Josh only to those houses I think could be the one.

I have a feeling it’s not going to be nearly as much fun to be on the buyer’s side as it was on the seller’s. Minnesotans, city guidance is welcome!

One thought on “House Hunting Begins

  1. I lived in the MidTown area near the five lakes, it was wonderful. Don’t know about schools, but take a look. Even if you don’t live there, you want to know where it its so that you can visit and enjoy.

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