The Dawn of a New Decade


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Today I am 30 years old. Remember when that was old, you know, like five years ago? I’d say that I am officially an adult now. I know that I have been for years now, but no longer do I have the excuse of being in my learning about life period.

As I enter this new decade and new phase in my life, it’s fitting that we are now in a new place with a world of opportunity. The opportunity for me to work part-time from home and be more of a full-time mom, find a new ‘dream’ house, make new friends and bond more with my family.

This morning I woke up early to go for a run. To have some me time and think about all that I’ve seen, done and experienced so far. When I got home, Josh had done a little decorating.

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He is excited that I’m finally 30, after me teasing him for years about being in his 30s. After he left for work I got myself cleaned up and was treated to huge birthday hugs from my sweet Ella. I think she is almost as excited as she would be for her own birthday. Of course she was disappointed when I told her we would not be having cake for breakfast.

The rest of the morning we spent at story time where Ella made me a butterfly for me. “It’s a very special day and you need a pink butterfly pretty mommy, Happy birthday, I love you,” she said. Melt my heart.

photo 2 (1)

I’m sitting in the still of our apartment now. My two biggest accomplishments snoozing away and Lucky at my feet. I think we’ll go to the park this afternoon and bask in the sunshine as we play by a nearby lake before Josh takes us out to dinner after work.


This is my kind of day.

I thought I would dread hitting 30. You know what? I’m kind of excited about it.


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