The First Few Weeks

We made it through our first two weeks in Minnesota. It flew right by. I’m still sane and everyone is happy and healthy.

Transitioning from being a full-time working mom to a part-time work-at-home/stay-at-home mom was a bit daunting to me going in. I’ve been using the past few weeks to get us into a new routine, find fun activities to do, explore the area and figure out how to balance working (very part-time) and the kids.

We spent most mornings walking on horribly ugly paths like these:

Lone Lake Trail

and playing at parks like this:

Bryant Lake Park

Most days we’ll walk (mainly the dog and I walk) up to eight miles. I swear we are in the hillest city in the Twin Cities area. Our apartment is in a valley of hills that have been working me, especially when I’m pushing two kids in a stroller. It’s no wonder I found my clothes are fitting a little bit better.

When it’s sunny we like to spend time by the pool. Not by the pool, but rarely in it because the kids deem the water too cold.

photo 1

Or by the lake which has been the biggest hit of all.

Shady Oak Lake

In an effort to meet some fellow moms and find some playmates for Ella we also ventured to story time at Barnes and Noble. Ella was pretty excited about making this butterfly for me.

Ella and her craft

We’ve done some house hunting too. We’ve found houses we like, but nothing that has said, this is home to us. We loved everything about one house we saw this week, except for the lot it was on. Of course that same model on a better lot is about $80k out of the price range. Damn! We will find one, it may just take some time.

We’ve gotten to spend some time with Josh’s friend Peter and his wife Rachel. It’s been great getting to know Rachel better and have their guidance around our new city. They even watched the kids for a few hours for me so that I could work. I think I may just take them up on their offer to make it a regular Friday thing.

I also met some runners for a nice nine mile run. It was so nice to have some people to chat and run with. Several of the ladies are training for the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon so I’ll have training partners! I’m excited about that.

I miss my mountains, our friends and family, little things like the grocery stores I know like the back of my hand and not having to rely on Google Maps to get around. But, I think we’re going to like it here.

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