All About Anderson – 10 Months

Second child syndrome, right here. I totally missed my sweet boy’s nine month update and here we are at 10 months (ok more like 10.5). It’s incredibly hard to get a good picture without Anderson trying to take over the camera.

Aj 10 mnths 1 Aj 10 mnths 2 Aj 10 mnths 3 Aj 10 mnths 4 Aj 10 mnths 5

My handsome little man is about 22 lbs and 29 inches long.

This month has been all about movement – ours and his. The biggest life change he experienced this month was moving from Colorado to Minnesota.

IN front of Medford AJ in his old room

It’s kind of sad knowing that he will never remember our house or living in Colorado. Good thing I took lots of pictures.

Now onto his mobility. He went from army crawling to full fledged crawling. When he wants to get somewhere really fast, he puts his head down and guns it. He has gotten so fast! It was maybe a day later that he decided he was ready to pull himself up.

From that day forward, standing has been his favorite thing to do. He gets himself right up and has even started to cruise a little bit. He stood unassisted for about a two seconds, one time, before falling to his butt. I feel like he’s going to be walking in no time.

He is in the throws of separation anxiety. He is absolutely a momma’s boy.

Anderson and mom

When I leave his sight, he generally freaks out. Gets upset and starts crying, even with Josh trying his best to calm him, nothing works until he’s in my arms. It’s like magic. The tears stop and he snuggles himself into my neck.

Though he’s typically on the move, he has a cuddly side. He’s started giving little hugs and will pucker his little lips for kisses.

Puckering up Kissing

Eskimo kisses make him crack up and he has a very ticklish neck.

We’ve started working on sign language. He’s got milk down for the most part and will put his hands out when he’s done, but hasn’t really started signing all that much. I feel like I’m behind on working with him on it, but we’ll get there. He’s started babbling a lot more – dada, mama, baba, but we’re counting his official first word as Ella. I’m not kidding, it’s his favorite and when he sees his sister, he says Ella. I thought I was imagining it until friends and family noticed it.

Not the best video but you get the idea.

Baths, crawling in lakes, signing songs, and crawling under things are all favorites right now. Being outside in general is exciting.


He also enjoys eating, mainly fruit right now. He loves watermelon, grapes and pineapple in particular.

He does not enjoy anything that requires him to sit still. This includes, but is not limited to, diaper changes, getting dressed and undressed, being put into his car seat, or sleeping.

I take that back, he likes to sleep with me.

Cuddling with mommy

Some nights he’s kind enough to sleep right through, others he’s up a few times until I finally give up and bring him into our bed. He sleeps like a Wildman these days and will kick us until we move so he can get comfortable.

AJ sleeping in the big bed

Being in the apartment is difficult for all of our sleep patterns. I think he’ll sleep better once he’s in his own room and doesn’t have the entire family right outside the door all the time. If not, well then it might be time for some sleep training.

I cannot believe that he will be a year old in less than two months. I want to bottle up these moments, the long summer days playing, the extra cuddles I get at night (sleep deprivation and all), the gummy smiles and chubby little body.

AJ Cooking

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