From Working Mom to Full Time Mom

I’ve never seen myself as a stay-at-home mom. Not because I didn’t feel it would be rewarding or because I don’t love my children dearly, I just was unable to imagine not getting up and going to an office every day. Plus, I worried that I’d stunt the kids development and they’d fall behind their peers. Those reasons and the fact that I worked really hard to put myself through college, I continued working after having the kids.

With this move came the opportunity for me to be a full-time mom, with the bonus of working 10-15 hours a week from home. I jumped on it, excited to spend the summer with the kids. I also decided it would help everyone through the transition of being in a new place if I were home. Change is hard for everyone, especially kids who thrive on a routine.


Garden of the Gods Bears

So how’s it been going?

We are just about settled into a routine. What we do within the span of a week changes, but I try to stick to a schedule with lunch and naptime. One of my first goals was to find parks within walking distance. This allows us to take Lucky for a walk but also find fun playgrounds where there will also be other kids (hopefully). We have a few great parks within a couple miles of us that we go to at least once a week.

When we arrived here, one of Ella’s first questions was when she was going to meet new friends. It broke my heart a little bit when she added that she misses her friends. We do not want to put her into preschool just yet because we’re not in our new house, which could be in one of three cities we’re currently looking in. I noticed the city was offering a free playground class for three year olds. I jumped on it and so for 45 minutes every Tuesday and Thursday we go to the park to where the camp leaders take the kids and play with them on the playground. As a bonus for me, I met two great moms who I get to chit chat with. I crave the adult conversation.

We’ve been trying out a few other kid friendly events and activities. The favorite by far is storytime at the library where they sing and dance in addition to reading. They both also really like the indoor play area at the rec center and of course, Shady Oak Lake.

As for me, I love getting to do all these fun things with the kids and spend my days outside in the sun. I love seeing them grow and especially Anderson develop new skills. I’m not missing a moment of it. That being said, some days are amazing other days, really hard.

birthday with the kids

It seems the terrible threes have arrived at our house. I’m trying to be as understanding as possible when Ella has tantrums because she wants to be independent but still needs help, plus not being in a place of her own, is hard. There are times though that I have to leave her in her room throwing a tantrum and walk away because I start to lose my cool. Those are the days I miss having a nice break.

As for what I’m missing, adult interaction. I was lucky to work with some really great people and I miss just shooting the breeze and bouncing ideas off of them. I work when the kids nap which is a hit or miss. Ella will nap every day, but Anderson may or may not nap at the same time. I get up about 5 am to get work in just in case they do not nap. If they do, it’s a bonus and I’ll let myself sleep in a bit later at the end of the week.

I’d say the transition has been easier than I thought. There are moments of loneliness that lead to homesickness. I look forward to Josh coming home every night almost equally for the conversation and the extra set of hands.

I don’t see myself staying home until the kids go off to school, but at least until we buy a house and find good, quality childcare.


One thought on “From Working Mom to Full Time Mom

  1. Everyone is in such a hurry to get their kids into some type of formal education. Your children will not be behind others because they are home with you. What you are giving your children cannot be replaced by any pre-school no matter how wonderful it might be. Sounds to me as if you are being very smart for both your children and for yourself.

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