Esprit de She 10k – Race Recap

It’s been ages since I last ran a 10k race. In fact it’s been 10 months, almost exactly. A few months ago I registered for the Esprit de She which was being held on Main Street here in Maple Grove. Being so close to home, I had no excuse to not run it. A Thursday night isn’t a typical race time, but it fit in well with the 6 mile tempo I had on my training schedule for the week.

Being right in town we had a big group of mother runners participating. We all met up at the amphitheater in the Town Green for a quick picture. It was so fun seeing such a big group!

MRTT Esprit de She

After our picture it was time to hit our corrals. I spotted Morgan and Jen by the 8 minute/mile pace flag and jumped in with them. Our first mile was 7:25…oops. I actually felt really good for the first 2.5 miles. Jen and I were chatting a bit but I was started to work harder and harder. The course was two loops of the 5k course which kind of sucked. I finished my first 5k and past the finish line at 23:56 (7:43 min/mile) – a new 5k PR!

At that point I told Jen I was going to slow down even further so she could continue on. I swear these 5 and 10k distances kill me. Probably because I go out too fast or I push so much harder because I’m trying to run faster. By mile 4.5 I had slowed to an 8:18 pace. Around mile five I thought my stomach was going to revolt. I started looking for somewhere to run if I had an emergency. I walked briefly as I tried to determine if I was going to make it to the finish line or have to find a bush.

Luckily my stomach settled a bit and I started running again. Josh and the kids were just before the finish line cheering for me which was awesome! I sprinted through the finish line to a new 10k PR – 50:08 (8:04 mine/mile). Yep, I successfully got slower with each mile. I added nearly three minutes to my second 5k. I was 36th of 506 overall and 9th in my age group of 115.

I found Josh and the kiddos as I walked towards the food. I ran into a woman from my mom’s group and some of my fellow mother runners. Josh took the kids home while I enjoyed a post-race turkey burger, chips and champagne with a few of the girls. It was a fun night and an event I’d do again.

I’m strongly considering training for a 5 or 10k after the marathon. I’ve never really done so and I think I would make big strides if I really worked to improve my pacing.

One thought on “Esprit de She 10k – Race Recap

  1. Positive splits for the win! I am the queen of this so I say it in the nicest way. You pushed yourself and saw what you could do – which is be FAST. I think it would be way fun to train for a 10K over the winter – great way to stay motivated without having to do long, long runs in the snow. Great job!

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