The Days Before the Race

I’m working on my post about the race, but I’m going to back up a bit to the days before the race. It was a whirlwind of a weekend! Are you ready for a ridiculously long post?

My mom flew in on Friday morning for her first visit to our new house. She really enjoys watching me torture myself by running marathons too! After we picked her up we grabbed some breakfast at The Buttered Tin in St. Paul. Because Nana was in town, Ella got to feast on a cinnamon roll.


After breakfast we hit the science museum to kill some time before the expo opened. The kids love the museum.

10704040_10203788860619561_7946014456692338309_n 10421361_10203788860099548_6145526068165297450_n 10678579_10203788861179575_7826285672846487546_n

Right at noon we were at the doors of the expo. It was then that it hit me I was running a marathon in a few days. It may sound silly, but even after all these months of training, it just seemed like this distant event that was going to happen eventually, but not necessarily soon. The expo was a total cluster mainly because they had so many events happening that weekend. In addition to the marathon there was a 10 miler, 10k, 5k, Family Mile, Toddler Trot and Diaper Dash. After getting my bib I grabbed Josh’s for the 10k and Ella’s for her first Toddler Trot. She was so excited.



I picked up my gels, a few samples and headed home so we could try to nap. Unfortunately I was unable to nap, but even laying on the couch seemed to help. After a big spaghetti dinner and putting the kids to sleep, Mom, Josh and I hung out talking for a while before going to bed.

Saturday morning Josh left early to go do his 10k. He was very relieved when the race organizers gave him a new bib after forgetting his at home. He did amazing, especially since he didn’t train at all. He finished in 42:47 (6:50 pace!), putting him eighth in his age group and 61st overall. He hung around down by the capital building until we met him for Ella’s race.

Ella was initially really excited for her race, but then had a minor meltdown as we tried to get out the door.


Once we were there, she was all about it! She ran her little heart out and got a medal at the end.


I got a great nap in Saturday afternoon. The cold I had been fighting all week was rearing it’s ugly head and I was feeling tired, achy and grumpy. I felt much better after some sleep. I was having some major prerace jitters and didn’t end up eating too much of the pork tenderloin and sweet potatoes I’d requested for dinner. I decided to mix up my eating strategy. More on that later. After we got the kids down, we watched part of Spirit of the Marathon: Rome as I got all my stuff together.


At 11pm I was still wired but made myself go to bed.

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