New Routine with a Plan

Sadly I started this post two weeks ago. I really need to figure out how to blog in a timely manner.

I always struggle after a long training cycle with continuing a routine. Without a specific race to train for, I kind of just dilly dally my way through exercising a few times a week. Some of this is obviously training fatigue and recovery after a goal race. Some of it is just not knowing how to keep myself busy without getting bored. However, since we just joined a new gym I think it’s going to be different this time around.

We joined our local Lifetime Fitness. Beautiful gym, lots of nice amenities like a salon and spa, healthy little cafe, pool and free childcare. It also costs a small fortune. The cost plus, an nice incentive from our insurance company to go at least 12 times/month for a discount on the membership, have been enough to get me there as much as possible. I’ve tried some new classes, swam and hit the salon for a new do and massage.

Over the past two weeks my routine has looked something like this:

Monday – Cardio and some form of strength or Barre class

Tuesday – Run 3-5 miles (plus weights if I have time)

Wednesday – Swim for one hour

Thursday – Run 3-5 miles

Friday – Off

Saturday – Longish (9-10 miles) run with group

Sunday – Class or other cross-training

So far I’ve tried barre, cycle/sculpt and 50/50 cardio weights classes. There a several more classes I want to try including a variety of yoga classes. The kids really like the childcare area which is a nice bonus. One day a week Ella is also doing a Preschool Adventure Camp for 3.5 hours in the morning. This makes me feel a little less guilty about taking time for myself during the day.

We have just a few more weeks until Thanksgiving and one of several turkey trots in the Indianapolis area. I’m planning on doing a bit of speed work between now and then. We’ll see if a I sneak one more PR in this year.

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