All About Anderson – 15 months

I completely missed Anderson’s one year update and here we are at 15 months.

AJ 15 months




Anderson is just under 25 lbs and is 26.5 inches tall. His chunky legs are slimming down thanks to all of the running around he does. He is constantly on the go. Running, dancing and his favorite, climbing. I’ve never seen a toddler climb so much. I cannot turn my back for a second because he ends up in places like this.

AJ Climbing

Other than climbing his favorite things are balls, crackers, anything he can push or ride and books (though he doesn’t like to read them as much as flip through and then throw them).

Halloween was fun because he was totally into trick-or-treating. He squealed as he walked down the street in his lion costume to get candy for his little pail. He dumped out and put the candy back in for a good half hour when we got home. He’s going to be all over it next year.



He is so much fun and so sweet, though has seemingly inherited a quick temper. His tantrums are my favorite. I have to try hard to not laugh. He used to throw himself back on the floor hitting his head. He learned that hurts so now he will fall to his butt, slowly lower himself down to the floor, then cry and kick. I have got to get it on video.

All of a sudden he can communicate his wants, needs and displeasure when something doesn’t go his way. He signs milk, more, please, eat, and sometimes, all done. He has started talking too. The things I can hear clearly are: momma, dada, Ella, ba (ball), more, do (dog), hi, buh bye, ow, ot (hot), boo (book) and bubble. It seems like he’s getting more verbal every day.

He loves to play especially pretending to have tea with Ella, ‘wrestling’ with daddy, playing peek-a-boo and sweeping. I have to hide the brooms otherwise he’s walking around the house with one all the time. Just trying to earn his keep I suppose. He also really likes to try to do things himself such as putting on his socks or shoes, brushing his hair and putting his jacket on.

We moved Anderson to the HandySitt at the big table which he was really excited about. He now gets his own plate and silverware. He seems to be a natural with a spoon though it gets a bit messy still.


When it’s meal time, I can tell him to go to his big boy chair and he will run to the chair and start to climb up as I bring his food over. He’s good at following simple directions like that, as well as throw this away (loves that), get your socks, etc.

Sometimes he eats a ton, but lately, thanks to teething (he still only has two teeth), he’s been wanting to nurse more than usual. His gums are white where his top two teeth are trying to break through. His favorite food is peanut butter. I waited until about a month ago to introduce it and he loves it. Like mother like son.

Anderson is a lover. He will walk up randomly to Ella and give her kisses and hugs. His favorite time to do that is during her dance class. She’s happy to indulge him. He also LOVES to kiss and hug Lucky. He’ll be stingy with Josh and me, but Lucky and Ella, never. He does love to cuddle. I think his favorite spot is with me, of course, since I give him nice warm milk. He’s definitely a momma’s boy. We’re in the throws of separation anxiety which means when I even say I’m going to leave, tears start.


When Josh gets home though, he’ll yell Dada and run to him with open arms. Josh face lights up. It’s so cute.

This is getting a bit long, but I feel like I have so much to share about my sweet boy. My cuddling, giggling, loves his family boy. My loves to give kisses boy. He’s growing so fast and while I love watching him develop, I’m not ready for him to be a toddler.

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