Endless Road Trip

It sounded good as we discussed it. We would drive to Lincoln, NE for a wedding the weekend before Thanksgiving. Then we’d drive to Indiana for Thanksgiving. The following weekend Josh would drive home with our dog, then fly to Tampa for training, the kids and I would fly down and meet him for a little family vacation. Simple right?

Simple, yet exhausting.

I unexpectedly made a quick trip to Louisville, KY for a couple of days prior to our tour of the Midwest to do some consulting work. It was really fun and I had some delicious food like this and this:



I arrived home at 12:30 am on the Friday prior to Thanksgiving. We packed up the kids and were on the road to Lincoln by 10:30 am. The kids are at easy yet difficult ages for long car trips. Ella can be entertained with books, music and movies for a while, but then there are the bathroom breaks that happen only when there are no restrooms for at least 20 miles. Anderson on the other hand hates to sit still. He’s constantly on the move, so being strapped into his car seat for hours on end is like torture, unless he has a good snack or is napping.

When we got to Lincoln the fun started. Not even a half hour after arriving we were surrounded with friends and their kids at my in-laws house. The next day I went for a quick run before heading to Omaha for a wedding. My sister-in-law Amber was nice enough to watch our kids for us. They had a ton of fun playing with their cousins and Josh and I enjoyed our adult time.

Sunday we celebrated my mother-in-law’s birthday


and packed up for our longest drive yet, estimated 9.5 hours to Westfield where my mom lives now. We left the house at 4 am on Monday morning. Luckily both kids went back to sleep for several hours. We stopped only three times and caught nap time which was awesome. It was still a very long 11 hours.

Thanksgiving and all things celebration ensued once we arrived. Josh and I had a pumpkin pie contest which meant I had to eat lots of pie.


I ate and drank too much over the course of the week, met my younger siblings significant others, and ran a couple times. The time actually flew by really fast and I didn’t do everything I planned but I did get in some quality time with my mom and siblings.

Tuesday morning I braved the airport and a flight to Tampa by myself. The kids loved watching the planes.


They are both great travelers. Ella happily watched a movie and Anderson was excited that he got his own seat. Sky Mall rocked his socks apparently.



When we were in Florida we had a singular mission, enjoy as much warmth as we could.

The beach was a must.



Since we were so close, we figured Disney World would be fun too. Ella met her favorite princesses, Anderson loved “its a small world,” and Josh and I just loved being kids again with our kids.





We’ll be going back again in a few years when Anderson is older.

I survived the trip home with the kids and a layover by a thread. Note to self, do not fly alone with kids over nap time unless it’s non-stop. We’re finally home. Our laundry is about done and our tree is up.



Now I supposed it’s time to start training for the indoor triathlon I’m doing next month.

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