2014 Running in Review

Looking back over the past year, a lot has changed. We moved across the country, I essentially stopped working and we’re navigating through our new life here in Minnesota. The one constant I have had, other than my little family, has been running. 2014 was the first year I really tracked my running. Sure there were a few runs here or there that I had naked so I had no idea how long or fast I ran that went unlogged, but for the most part, I tracked it all.

This year I joined a great running group. The women in the group made me feel welcome even before I moved to the Twin Cities. I attribute my successful marathon training to them. It would have been a long, boring training cycle without the constant company, especially Amy’s.

I set one major goal for this year, plus a couple others. My primary goal was to run a sub-4 hour marathon. Much to my surprise, I successful ran under four hours with nearly 10 minutes to spare at the MedTronic Twin Cities Marathon and had fun doing so. Five years ago when I ran my first one, I would have never dreamed that I’d speed up that much.

My second goal was to run a sub-1:50 half. Though I didn’t met this goal, I got really close. When we did our Van Kirk family half in May at the Colorado Half Marathon, I finished in 1:50:24. Just 25 seconds too slow to meet my goal. I probably could have pushed a bit harder, but this gives me something to strive for this year.

My final goal was to improve my 5k time. My goal was to run under 24 minutes. Going into the year my fastest 5k was 26:02 which I ran at the Eerie Erie in October of 2013. In April I ran a 24:42 5k. I was getting closer. When I ran the Espirit de She in September, my first 5k was just under 24 minutes. Goal met! Though I wanted an official 5k time that showed my progress. I finally did so on a very chilly Thanksgiving morning. My standing 5k PR is now 23:43. Maybe this year I’ll try to go sub-23.

Outside of my goals, how did the year shape up?

2014 running stats

I ran a total of 1059 miles. That is the most I’ve ever run in a single year. I was hoping to bump that up a bit more but I got hit with a double whammy of stomach bug and head cold last week. As you can see I ran the most in August. This is no surprise as I was entering the peak of marathon training. I ran my longest run in October (obviously) and my fastest in July though it was a short interval. My running is definitely season dependent. I run the most in the summer when the weather in nice. May was an exception with the big move. I struggle in the cold month which coincides with cold and flu season. No surprise there.

Goal setting for 2015 now underway.

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