Training but not

After the marathon I had a goal to keep up some sort of endurance. I didn’t want to overdo it but wanted to continue to do long runs. I’ve been holding steady doing long runs of up to 12 miles with step back weeks every few weeks.

In the last few weeks my mileage has crept up. I knew when my mother-in-law came to visit a little over a week we would have a good long run. She’s training for the Fargo Marathon in May so I figured I better try to get my mileage up. I had done a 14.3 mile run a few weeks prior so I told her I could likely go about 16 miles with her.

We lucked out and had good enough weather to hit my favorite local trail at Elm Creek. My running BFF Amy met with us and off we went. Amy did the first 14 with us which was awesome. We saw deer, turkeys, pheasants and a beautiful sunrise. Nancy and I continued running for a few more miles for a total of 16.33 miles. It was the longest run I’ve done since the marathon.

Amy and I ran about 14 miles again this weekend and I think maybe next weekend I’ll do 15. The thing is, the only races I have on my calendar right now are a 10 miler and a half marathon in May. I could probably be ready for an early summer marathon but then that would mean no fall marathon which is what I really want to do. There is no reason I need to run this far, but it just feels so good to get out there and get them done.

I registered for the Chicago lottery. Mid-April seems so far away to hear back. If I don’t get in I’m considering the Omaha Marathon in September or Des Moines in October. Both are just a short drive away and within weeks of Twin Cities which is what a lot of my running friends will be training for.

At some point I’m going to need to start tapering back so that I’m not at nearly 20 miles at the beginning of a marathon training cycle. I think I’ll continue to keep up the mileage for a few more weeks until after Easter when I’m sure there will be another long run with Nancy in Lincoln. Then time to taper down a bit.

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