Run Fargo?

Remember when I said I wasn’t training for anything? Well, I may have changed my mind. This weekend I planned a long run with Nancy and her running group. They were going to run 20, but I told her I could only commit to 18 miles. After all, who runs 20 miles for no good reason? Apparently me.

We left the house at 5:12 am, yes  hours before the sun would be up. So early. Anyway, we met the rest of the runners and set off in the dark with the lunar eclipse overhead. Benefit of getting up early, witnessing an eclipse that I would have normally slept right through. Back to the run.

When we left the hotel where we all met, I was still set on only doing 18 miles. We were going a really long out and back route which would allow us to turn around a bit earlier than the rest of the group. When we hit our first stopping point around four miles I was feeling good. Obviously, four miles in it’s hard to feel bad. We ran on and reached the top of the dam at a lake near the house just before 7 am. We were seven miles in and I was feeling great. I ate a few fruit snacks and off we went. When we got to about 9.5 miles, I told Nancy that I was up for all 20.

I took my first gel at just over 10 miles. We turned around and headed back downtown. I was trying to run with the group and with Nancy, but I found myself slowly speeding up. I took a second gel at 16 miles. I didn’t really feel like I needed it but figured I would not be a happy camper by 18 if I didn’t. Again I was feeling awesome and able to pick up the pace. Those last four miles were my fastest of the entire run. All of them were in the low 8:00s. Shocking to me.

When we finished I felt like I could have kept going and the people that are running the Fargo Marathon in a month all told me that I had no reason not to run the race. In fact they said they’d see me at the starting line and if I wanted for them, at the finish line. It got me thinking more seriously about doing a last minute marathon.

I’ve been making a pro’s and con’s list in my head. Maybe me sharing it will help me off the fence one way or the other:


  • Flat course, I mean flat.
  • Snap68
  • Nancy is running it! Though we wouldn’t run together per se, we’d run the same marathon for the first time.
  • It’s almost taper time already – shortest training cycle ever.
  • Little performance pressure – a marathon for fun if you will. (Yes I realize that sounds crazy)
  • Nearby. it’s about three hours from our house.


  • Shortest training cycle ever – So I’ve run one 20. Prior to this weekend my previous month of running has been two 16 milers and a few 14+ milers. I could run one more 20 and see how it feels. I’m just worried I’d be undertrained.
  • Josh and I are running a half marathon the following weekend.
  • If I get into Chicago, training for that would begin about six weeks later.
  • I’d break my PR streak – I’ve set new personal records at every single race I’ve done since the kids were born. Considering the tiny bit of training I’ve done, I’d be shocked if I was able to run faster than I did in October.
  • Hotels are really hard to come by this close to race day.

I need to decide soon. Regardless I think we’re going to Fargo to cheer on Nancy and Jim who will be running the 10k.

I suppose I could run the half or the 10k instead. Ugh. Help.