Getting Ready for Fargo

Am I crazy? I was asking myself this for days as I considered registering for the Fargo Marathon. I looked at my training plan from Twin Cities, my plan from Nike. I looked my weekly mileage for the past few months. I thought about how I felt after the 20 miler. All of these made me feel like instead of crazy, I’d actually been training for it all along.

It may sound strange, but I must have been subconsciously been wanting to do a spring race. As I reviewed my previous training plans, I was just a few miles off. I ran my 20 the week I would have normally done it. I followed it with a taper week of 17 miles. Last weekend I ran 22 miles. I felt good the entire time though my stomach wasn’t too happy with the second gel.

Other than my long runs, I’ve picked up on my speed work. I’ve been doing intervals and a tempo run each week. After my run last Saturday I am officially tapering. This weekend I have an indoor triathlon which was on the schedule long before I considered Fargo. I’m doing my long run tomorrow and taking a rest day on Saturday to have fresher legs come Sunday morning.

Maybe the months of not anticipating marathon day is good for me. I have low expectations for this race and am not stressed about it at all. I know I can get through the race and should have fun doing so. I’m not setting any goals for myself other than to finish strong. It would be nice to finish around the 3:50 mark but considering my lack of real speed work and extensive long runs, I’m not expecting it.

I’m surprising myself once again. Apparently I’m becoming one of those “I run marathons for fun, not just time” people. I am getting excited for the race.