Three Things Thursday – middle of the night edition

People say years go by fast but weeks feel long. This has been a long week in good and bad ways. I thought I’d share some highs and lows.

  1. I have woken up at 3:24 am every single day for the past week. Some times I’m up for two minutes, others two hours. I have no idea why. Anderson is sleeping through the night (finally and please don’t stop!) and I’ve cut all caffeine until after the race. My internal clock needs to be reset. Now that AJ is not nursing at night maybe I should take melatonin again.
  2. Spring appears to be here for good. The sunlight and fresh air has been good for all of us. We’ve been making good use of our swing set, the park and taking evening walks around the lake by our house.   Everyone, myself included, is in a much better mood after spending time outdoors. Ella is especially excited she can wear this killer look:  
  3. Anderson has been into jumping lately. This week when I put on Raffi out of desperation to make dinner without him attached to my leg or hip, I saw that he is ready to dance. “Knees Up Mother Brown” is his favorite. I captured him on video without him stopping the moment he noticed me filming.

Looking forward to weekend. I have my last longish run of 10 miles before Fargo, we are planning to go to a baseball game and it’s supposed to be summer-like!