Race Prep – Fargo Edition

Well, here we are, a few days until race day. Typically I’d be nervously pacing around my house gathering up all my things and studying the course map. This time around, I’m just not feeling anxious, not yet anyway. I’m sure it will kick in as soon as we get in the car Friday afternoon.

I am however, carb loading like a champ. After reading more about how to create a carb store more effectively, I’ve taken a new approach. Rather than depend on one large pasta meal the night before, I’ve been adding a few more carbs to my daily diet all week. Toast or oatmeal for breakfast, turkey sandwiches or (like yesterday) a Chipotle burrito for lunch, and stir fry with rice, kebobs with pasta salad, etc. for dinner. I’m trying to make sure that I get a decent amount of protein along with all my carbs, but trying to watch my dairy and fiber intake. 

Thanks to my awesomely sensitive stomach when I do long runs, for the past two weeks I’ve also had no caffeine or alcohol. Tonight we had a big spaghetti dinner. Leftovers will make a tasty lunch. We’ll be eating out Friday night in Fargo. I found a restaurant where I can get some chicken or pork tenderloin with a sweet potato and green beans. Stomach friendly!

Other than eating, hydrating as best I can. I’ve been addicted to LaCroix water lately. I’m cutting it out this week though as it makes me kind of burpy and I feel like I don’t drink as much water when it’s carbonated. I alternate with some Nuuns and bought a couple bottles of Smart Water for our car ride.

I ran my last, very humid run tonight. A whole 24 minutes of running. I was only supposed to do 20 but accidentally ran 12 minutes out. I foSm rolled a bit and am feeling decent.

Ella has been helping us make signs. They are works in progress but she was very proud that she came up with my sign. I think she did well.   

 The weather is looking questionable. Right now the high is 66 degrees. The low is in the 40s which is nice. The eh part is the forecasted winds of 15-20 mph. I can only hope they are primarily a tailwind. I know I’m dealing but with a looped course at least a portion of it should be.

I don’t really have goals per se. I would love to run under 3:50. I’m thinking about starting with the 3:45 pacer and seeing how it feels. Josh is encouraging me to aim high and go for 3:40. I just don’t think I’m in good enough shape. After all, I didn’t really train for this race.

We will see how it goes. If nothing else it will be s good benchmark for where to start for my Chicago training.

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