Chicago Marathon Training {Week One}

I am so incredibly behind on blog posts. I have at least half a dozen drafts partially completed and collecting dust. This post being purely about training and not requiring pictures or more thoughtful words, is an easy place to start.

This week was my first official week of training for the Bank of American Chicago Marathon. Woohoo! I’m again using the Less is More training plan but with an additional 20 miler added in there. I contemplated keeping my plan as I did it for Twin Cities, but decided why not add one more 20? After all I have a very lofty (and probably unrealistic) goal for this marathon. What is that you may ask? Run a Boston Qualifying time. The minimum is 3:35 which is an average of an 8:12 min/mile. To actually get a spot in the race for 2017, a time 1-2 minutes faster than that will likely be required. I have some thoughts of the registration process I’ll share at a later date.

With my plan in place, it is time to work it. We’re still trying to get settled into our new summer routine. Hours to everything have changed, one of Ella’s camps was unexpectedly cancelled and we seem to be traveling quite a bit. Hopefully we will figure it all out and I will be a bit more consistent with my cross-training.

Here’s how week one shaped up:

Monday – Total Conditioning class + 15 minutes on elliptical
Tuesday – 5 mile tempo run
Wednesday – Unplanned rest day but a couple of walks with the kiddos
Thursday – 4×1200 intervals @ 7:13 min/mile pace
Friday – 3.5 mile walk with the kiddos
Saturday – 1850 yd swim + 30 minutes on elliptical
Sunday – 13.12 mile long run

I have an additional tool keeping me motivated to get a minimum of 10k steps every day, my new Garmin Vivoactive. I’m loving it so far. It even tracked my swim workout on Saturday. I’m still getting use to the screens during my runs but I think it’s more me needing to get used to a substantially smaller screen than my old 205. I’ll have to do a post about the new watch once I have used it for more than just a few weeks.

It feels good to be in training. I’m also relieved to have booked an apartment for us to stay in for the race. The kids will even be in their own bedroom so I can (hopefully) get a good nights sleep prior to the race, unlike in Fargo. Next week will build on this week before a taper the week of the 4th. Hopefully I feel as good as I did during my runs this week.

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