Chicago Marathon Training {Week Two}

I had been running for four hours and I still had four miles to go. I was swearing like a sailor and crying. My knees were the size of mini basketballs and it was hot for a June morning in Seattle. With the help of my mentor Meghan an hour later I crossed the finish line – immediately hobbling to the medic for ice.


Six years ago on Saturday, I crossed the finish line of my first marathon. Just a year after lacing up my shoes for the first time, I was a marathoner. I didn’t run a step for a month after that race. I was in too much pain from the tendinitis I’d earned running too much. This Saturday I ran my entire run at an average pace I couldn’t even run a mile at back then. As I enjoyed the serenity of an early morning solo run, I reflected on just how far I’ve come as a runner. Thousands of miles, dozens of pairs of shoes, injuries, physical therapies, two pregnancies and two kiddos later, I’m still running strong.

Training this week:

Monday – Rest (Much needed)
Tuesday – 7 mile tempo run
Wednesday – Total Conditioning class + 15 minutes stationary bike
Thursday – 6×800 @7:08
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 14 miles
Sunday – 3.5 mile hike with family

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