Chicago Marathon Training {Week Four} + Rice Lake Classic Recap

You’d think half way through my second summer in Minnesota I’d be getting used to humidity. Not so much. Saturday morning it was the annual Rice Lake Classic. I meet some of my running friends for a quick picture before lining up to defend my age group title.

MRTT at Rice Lake Classic

I was half joking about defending my age group winner status. I really wanted to repeat my performance, but was not at all confident. It was 72 degree and nearly 80% humidity. Neither one are ideal for a run, especially one to push at. Regardless when the race was started, I carefully ran through the grass and picked up speed once I hit the pavement. I remembered that the course was a bit hilly but the flatest mile was the first. I covered it in 6:55. Yes, I ran a sub-7 minute mile. Just that one, but I did it! At the time it didn’t even feel like that fast of an effort. Of course as I started the second mile I started to feel that fast start. The sweet 16 year old girl I was running with started getting farther and farther ahead. I told her to keep it up because she could win for the women.

I walked through the water stop that was just before mile two. I drank half my cup and poured the other half on my head. I was happy to see the second mile marker which did not come nearly as quickly at the first (7:34). I told myself to keep running until the next hill just after the three mile mark. I forgot about the hill in between which I took a 30 second walk break at. I was totally overheating. My third mile was again slower, but still quick at 7:49. I hit the 5k mark at 23 minutes. Yeay!

Less than a mile to go and a hill right up to the finish line. I was so hot and so thirsty that I walked again on that last hill until people near the finish line could see me. I put in some effort to try to pick it up at the end, but we finished in grass again so I took care not to twist an ankle.

My official finish time was 28:16 (7:39 avg. pace). I improved my time by 1.12. I still had several miles to run after the race to get in my 14. Amy and Beth were nice enough to run two more miles with me while we waiting age group awards.

To my surprise not only did I win my age group but I was also the second woman overall. Thank you small race! My friend Amy also won her age group again and Beth got second in the same age group. It was fun to represent our running group well.

Age Group Winners

I finished my run inside in cool air conditioning before joining Josh and the kids for Maple Grove Days festivities.

The rest of the week in training:

Monday – 30 mins cycling + 30 mins incline walk + weights
Tuesday – 6 miles tempo
Wednesday – 35 mins elliptical + 10 mins stair climber + abs
Thursday – 10 x 400 @ 6:40 min/mile
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Rice Lake Classic + 9.25 miles = 14 miles
Sunday – 1200 yd swim

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