Chicago Marathon Training {Week Six}

It was still dark when I left my house Saturday morning. It was so humid there were clouds of fog hanging low making it difficult to see where I was going. I pulled up the chalet where I was meeting my BRF Amy at 5:25 am. Gah it was so early! I was momentarily chilly when I got out of my car. It was 67 degrees with a lovely 89% humidity level. Not the best running weather but we were ready for our longest training run of this cycle thus far.

Off we went into the rising sun and humidity clouds. The first few miles we talked about how easy we were going to take it since I was sick earlier in the week. I told Amy how I tried new fuel of a Larabar and a few graham crackers. A change from my normal peanut butter and jelly. I also was going to give Honey Stinger gels another go as I was able to run without gel digestive failure the previous week with them. I was optimistic that my stomach woes were over, at least for this run.

We were so busy chatting, complaining a little bit about the weather, that we didn’t pay attention to our pace at all. We were both somewhat shocked when we hit the water/bathroom stop at just over seven miles and noticed our average pace was 8:25 min/mile. We ran out a few more miles and then turned around to head back towards the chalet. We swore that we were going to slow down on the way back.

We were happily run along when the sun came out and it felt HOT. We took a water break every few miles and took another gel around mile 15. The last two miles worked us. I was so overheated that I was worn out. We took some walk breaks but somehow still ended our 18 miles with an 8:32 average pace.

I’m finally starting to feel more confident that I’m going to be able to run much faster in Chicago than I did in Fargo. Will I be able to run an average of at least 8:12, maybe not, but I think an 8:30 is a reasonable expectation.

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 8 mile tempo
Wednesday – Sick
Thursday – 7×800 @ 7:08 min/mile
Friday – 1750 yd swim
Saturday – 18 mile run
Sunday – 30 min open water swim + 30 min kayaking

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