Chicago Marathon Training {Week 10}

We’re almost to the peak of training. In these next few weeks I have two more 20+ milers before it’s taper time, in just 6.5 weeks. This training cycle is moving right along. It hasn’t felt like the long, dragged our process that it has in previous cycles. My week day runs fly by. My weekend long runs, while challenging, have been wonderful thanks to my running BFFs, Amy and Dawn.

Running BFFs

These two mother runners have been my long run buddies. We have been trying out some new routes, pushing up hills and through killer humidity. I actually look forward to getting up in the 4 am hour to meet them by 5:30 am to start our runs. I honestly do not know how I trained for races by myself for so long. Amy and I have a common goal that Dawn is trying to help us achieve – the allusive (to us thus far) BQ. Dawn qualified and ran Boston a few years ago. She’s helping us push our pace and giving us tips along the way.

With only five more weeks of speed work, I’m going to push those paces a bit harder. Try to run my tempo miles at 7:45-8 min/mile pace. My intervals or varying distances at the faster paces in the ranges I calculated (anywhere from 5:48 min/mile for 400s to 7:23 min/mile for 1600s). Hopefully they help. The BRFs are my biggest cheerleaders. They are confident I can do it. I know Amy will qualify in October when she does Twin Cities. Fingers crossed for everything coming together, including my stomach toughing up, for an ideal race.

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 4×1600 @ 7:13 min/mile – 7.5 miles
Wednesday – 30 Day Shred
Thursday – 7 mile tempo
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 20 miles
Sunday – 2800 yd swim

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