Chicago Marathon {Week 12}

A common symptom of overtraining is exhaustion. While I don’t think I’ve pushed myself into overtraining territory, last week I was tired. Really tired. So tired in fact that I was in bed at 8:45 pm on Monday night. As I climbed into my bed that evening, I felt guilty and lazy for not exercising. I had to remind myself that there are times when it is better to rest than to exercise like:

  • You’ve gotten less than six hours of sleep during the previous night
  • Becoming clumsy (for me, running into furniture, tripping on the stairs, etc.)
  • Having trouble concentrating
  • Eyes and body feel heavy

Sleep was so sweet. When I woke up on Tuesday, I felt so much better. I was in a better mood, more attentive and ready for my run. I made the right decision. The rest of the week was great with the exception of my long run being taken inside due to severe weather both Saturday and Sunday.

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 5×1200 @ 7:03 min/mile (6.75 miles)
Wednesday – 30 min cycle + weights
Thursday – 8 mile tempo
Friday – 2.5 mile walk with family
Saturday – 21 mile run + 2-3ish mile walk with family
Sunday – 2.5 mile walk with Grandma

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