Chicago Marathon Training {Week 16} + Training Review

One week to go until race day. This week instead of merely looking at my training for the past week, I thought I’d look back on my training leading up to my final taper week. It’s been a busy and successful training season. Here’s a few numbers going into race week:

Total Runs: 48
Total Miles: 490
Number of Interval Runs: 13
Number of Tempo Runs: 16
Number of Races: Four (two half marathons (Birdtown & Urban Wildland), a 10k and a 3.7 mile)
Average Weekly Mileage: 30.5 miles
Highest Weekly Mileage: 37 miles
Longest Run: 22 miles
Average Long Run Distance: 15.7 miles
Average Long Run Pace: 8:23 min/mile

This was a very strong season. I didn’t miss a single run, though two in Colorado I changed to regular runs rather than intervals and a tempo. When I did my intervals and tempos, I nailed my paces, often surprising myself with the speeds I was able to hit. I ran my fastest intervals ever when I did 400 meter repeats, dipping below the 7 min/mile mark. Pushing myself on those intervals made my long runs seem easier (most of the time) and me feel like a speedster. Even on some killer hills like this.  


They always look smaller in pictures. We often found ourselves having to consciously slow down as our speeds crept up on our long runs – a good problem to have in my eyes.

Reflecting on my training I feel well prepared for the race. I’ve followed my plan and done what I can to increase my speed and endurance. Now I just need to trust that it will get my through the marathon happy, healthy and faster than I’ve ever completed the distance before.

This Week:

Monday – 1750 yd swim + 20 min elliptical
Tuesday – 3×1600 @ 7:29 min/mile
Wednesday – Rest (Taper aches and pains)
Thursday – 8 mile tempo
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 10 mile run
Sunday – 1750 yd swim

Only two more runs before race day!

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