Chocoholic Frolic 10k {Race Recap}

Who forgets about a race? Um, this woman, as it turns out. A few months ago there was a thread on my running group’s Facebook page about the Chocoholic Frolic 5k/10k. I said, sure I’d do it. Apparently though I registered at that time with the special discount code, I failed to note this on the all important Google calendar. At the beginning of last week, Facebook pinged me to tell me about the upcoming events for the week. There it was.

While playing at an indoor playground with the kids on Thursday, my friend Megan told me her sister could pick up my stuff for me and we could carpool. Perfect, logistics were taken care of. The weather was even cooperating. It was sunny with a forecasted high of 57 degrees. Lucky us having a warmer than average fall. I decided to have fun and enjoy running the race I had thought nothing about since I registered.

I’m not very high maintenance when it comes to actual races. I have a few minor things that are expected, clear directions to the actual starting line, porta potties by the starting line and an on-time start. This race had none of those. None. Luckily we gave ourselves plenty of time to get there. After a trip to the most disgusting porta potty I’ve even been in, by the finish line, I made my way to the 7:30 pacer. The race did score bonus points for having pacers. That was lovely and unexpected.

At 10 am, when the race was supposed to start, they told us we had 10 minutes to wait. There was confusion when the race actually started. The woman announcing the start was in the middle of the road, prime for getting run over. Finally after a few times saying go, the people in the front were off. I haven’t done speed work other than a few negative split runs since Chicago. This being the case, I thought I’d start walking by the third mile. I figured I’d try to stick with the 7:30 pacer for as long as possible, but would probably need  to fall back.

Turns out the pacer had just run Chicago too, much much faster than me thought he said he bombed it. I was done talking to him as soon as we turned the first corner into the headwind. It almost knocked the wind out of me. There was no mile marker at the first mile (7:28), so I was surprised when I could see the second mile sign (7:25). I decided that the pacer was going a bit fast for me, so I pulled back a little bit. At the third mile (7:31) there was water which I tried to drink, but succeeded only in getting it up my nose. I was getting warm so I started taking off my long sleeved shirt. I had one arm out when I reached the turn around point. After taking off my arm band, I fumbled my way out of my shirt. Before I could get it together, I dropped it. Ugh. I had to stop, go get it and start again while trying to reattach my arm band and tie the shirt around my waist.

I had to back together by mile four (7:37). I was hoping that the nasty headwind would turn into a tailwind. Unfortunately it only cooperated for about a quarter mile. I was getting tired when I saw a few of the ladies from my running group. That helped pep me up. I just wanted to keep the pacer in my sights. I decided even if I needed to slow down, I was not going to walk. I think it was around mile five (7:29) I tried water again, being a little more successful this time around.

A little over a mile to run, I knew that I could do it. We got to a place on the route where I knew where the finish line was. I was happy to be able to see the finish line (and the pacer still!) right at mile 6 (7:32). I sprinted through the finish to a new personal record! Apparently I worked a tangent or two because I was slightly under 6.2 at 6.17 miles, but I’ll take it!

Official time: 46:11          Average Pace: 7:26 min/mile

There were some fast people running! The female winner bested me but nearly 10 minutes! I was 11th of 338 in my division and 25th of 852 femals overall.

I grabbed some snacks to dip in the melted chocolate after I stretched. Post-race goosebumps on high alert.


When Megan, her sister and nephew finished, we snapped a couple pics as Oompa Loompas before heading home.


I don’t think that I’ll do this race again. It’s pretty expensive for what you get, though I do like the long sleeved half-zip tech shirt.

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