Wah Wah

That is how I’ve been feeling lately. Sluggish, uninspired, just kind of blah. I could blame it on the weather, which has taken a nasty turn into arctic territory (-8 is the forecasted high for Sunday, yes I said high) or the post-holiday blues, but I think it’s just me.

I guess that is part of the reason I’ve been so quiet lately. I just haven’t felt like blogging only to complain about my current state of body confidence or share every thing my kids are doing these days. Plus, I’ve been looking for a few more jobs to work on in my spare time* and doing lots of kid activities. I’m really so lucky have the opportunity to spend my days with the kids, going to school with them, being there for ice skating, swimming and music classes. While there is hilarity in various aspects of our day, I have a feeling it’s funnier to me than it would be to anyone else.

As far as running and exercise goes, I’ve been running (up to 30 mpw) and even did an indoor triathlon with Josh a few weeks back. I’ve also been hitting Orangetheory once a week, which I love and will post about more later.  I’m currently about 8-10 lbs heavier than I was a year ago at this time. It’s a number I haven’t seen on the scale since I was trying to lost post-baby weight with Anderson. I’m not happy about it. Even with all that exercise my scale isn’t budging. That does not help with my current blahness. It will come off or it won’t. My body seems to be adjusting to not being pregnant or nursing for the first time in five years. I honestly think my metabolism is confused.

This week marked the first week of training for the Lake Wobegon Marathon in May. I’ve been working on finalizing my training plan and setting realistic goals for this very flat, fast course. I’m excited, though this nasty weather has me running inside this weekend. Now I will have a plan to follow, rather than aimlessly running. Maybe those crazy intervals I’ll be running once a week with kick my body into gear.

I used the New Year as a catalyst to jump start my attitude and hopefully get rid of those extra pounds. Eating more whole foods, trying not to snack with the kids do, and eat a single Kiss or Rolo when my sugar craving hits, forcing myself to wear pant with zippers and buttons , you know the little things. I guess you don’t notice the extra pounds when you’re in workout clothes all the time.

So here’s to starting over in 2016. Better wife, better mother, better friend, better daughter, better sister and better blogger.

*Side note, if anyone has part-time or one-off marketing or writing related projects, I’m interested.

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