Lake Wobegon Marathon Training {Week 3}

“The marathon starts in a few minutes,” I told my family with excitement on Saturday afternoon. Josh asked me to see if I could figure out if a guy he went to high school with was running in the Trials again this year. Found him, as I turned on the TV to watch the some of the fastest American marathoners do everything they could to secure one of the six spots on the Olympic marathon team. As I watched them look effortless as they ran sub-6 minute miles, I was in awe. I mean holy hell, I felt like I might die during my quarter mile intervals this week which were at a slow pace for them.

I continued watching at the gym, where I was again relegated to the treadmill for my long run. Damn Old Man Winter won again. I was exhausted from a rough night of sleep Friday night, so I decided to take it easy. I was just going to cruise. As I was just taking it easy, I could not take my eyes off the screen. These athletes are amazing. I was especially impressed by Des Linden who won marathon pacing. I mean seriously, to give it that kick in the last mile to come in second, wow. #pacinggoals

Right as the top three women were finishing, my run ended as well. It was one inspiring run. Maybe one day I will be able to run one mile as fast as their average for the entire marathon. Time to get on those intervals!

I was so excited about the race, I talked to Josh about it the rest of the day. I think he was sick of hearing me wax on about how awesome these competitors rocked the race in less than ideal conditions. Maybe in four years I can watch in person.

Monday – 8 mile stationary bike + weights
Tuesday – 10×400 @ 6:18 (6.75 miles @ 7:41 min/mile avg)
Wednesday – Orangetheory Fitness
Thursday – 6 mile tempo (7:58 avg. min/mile avg)
Friday – Rest (I remembered why I don’t run three days in a row. Sore!)
Saturday – 14 miles
Sunday – Rest



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