Lake Wobegon Marathon Training {Week 9}

Sleep and attitude. Those two things can make or break a run for me. This week, neither seemed to be good. My week started off well, but by midweek, I was lagging big time.

I decided to run my intervals on Monday so that I wouldn’t have three hard runs in as many days. My intervals felt good. I had no trouble managing the mile repeats. Tuesday I meant to swim, but didn’t have a chance because it was more fun going on a trip to the science museum with the kids who were on spring break. Some things are just more important than my need for exercise.

Anyway, Wednesday I felt like I killed it at Orangetheory. Hit my all-out record pace again and generally felt like jell-o when I left. My friends Ashley, Morgan and I planned a girls movie night after. We enjoyed “Straight Outta Compton” with wine and a late night pizza order. Somehow we managed to keep talking until past 1 am. It was fun and had been way too long since our last girls night in. After dropping Ashley at her house, I could not sleep. Probably the wine. I think I was up until about 2-2:30 am.

Thursday we had swimming lessons and a fun event at a nature center in the park reserve near our house. My tempo run kept getting pushed back. I didn’t get to the gym until about 9 pm. Needless to say my tempo run on was hard. I was exhausted. Now that I’m not used to late night exercise, I am wired when I’m done. I went to bed about 12:45 am. Then Anderson decided not to sleep. He was up about 2, then again at 4, saying he needed to use the potty, which he sat on for 30 minutes. I put him back in bed, only to hear him in Ella’s room around 5 am playing the fireplace in her doll house. I tried to ignore it until I heard Ella wake up. So at 5:30, back in his room he went. He and Ella were up again at 6. Luckily Josh was getting up for work by then and took over. He fed them and put on “The Magic School Bus” for them until I woke up about 7:30.

We went to Omaha over the weekend for Easter and I had my 20 miler scheduled. Unfortunately the weather was supposed to be crummy and I could not find a running group to run with. My attitude, combined with four nights in a row of only 4-5 hours of sleep, had me dreading my run. I was relieved to find a Life Time Fitness about 20 minutes from my sister-in-law’s house. I arrived there about 6:30 am. I decided to run inside until it was light out, then try to run outside if the rain let up. As I made my way up to the treadmills I saw a sign saying that their run club was meeting at 8. Perfect.

I had 8.5 miles under my belt before I stopped to get to the locker room to grab my water and my jacket. I chatted with the few runners that were there before heading out into the rain. It was only sprinkling when I opened the door. I saw a runner up ahead of me that looked like he was moving at a pace that was closer to mine, so I ran up to him and asked if I could join him. He was nice enough to let me tag along and help me figure out the trails. We ran 6.5 miles before I called it quits outside. It was POURING and I was soaked to the bone and starting to shiver uncontrollably. I’m sure I looked like a wet dog when I made it back inside.

I went straight upstairs to the treadmills to finish my last five miles. I was so done. My body felt strong, but my mental game was off. Attitude is everything for me, especially running long long distances inside. Regardless, I got my 20 miles done. Hopefully the next one will be better. We went swimming when I got back which actually felt awesome on my legs. Maybe that’s why I’m not sore today.

Monday – 3×1600 @ 7;19 min/mile (6 miles @ 7:52 min/mile avg.)
Tuesday – Unplanned rest
Wednesday – Orangetheory
Thursday – 7 mile tempo (7:59 min/mile avg.)
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 20 miles
Sunday – Long car ride home

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