Lake Wobegon Marathon Training {Weeks 10 &11}

Phew. The last two weeks have been busy. After my long run on the 2nd, we flew down to Florida for a little vacation. We had five days of warm weather and sunshine. It was so nice to be away from daily life. While it was not necessarily a relaxing vacation, it was a much needed break.

Week 10:

Monday – 30 Day Shred
Tuesday – 12×400 @ 6:18 min/mile (7.75 miles @ 7:39 min/mile avg.)
Wednesday – Orangetheory
Thursday – 5 mile tempo (7:49 min/mil avg.)
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 17 miles
Sunday – 11 + miles of walking

Last year when we went to Magic Kingdom for a day, I didn’t have my new Garmin, so while I knew we walked a ton, I didn’t realize just how much. This year, we averaged about 12 miles/day of walking. That doesn’t count any steps I was taking when I used both arms to push the stroller. My legs were toast by the end of the week.

I didn’t run again until Wednesday, when we planned to hang out at the pool all day, rather than hit the parks again. After breakfast, I threw on some clothes and headed out to run around the boardwalk. While I could feel the lack of sleep and excessive walking, the run felt pretty easy. I was surprised to see that I was running 8 or sub-8 minute miles. It was a pleasant surprise.

Once we came home, I was happy to rest, that is after my late night intervals. Friday my only goal was to get my 10k steps. Saturday morning it was a lovely 14 degrees outside when I met Amy and Beth for our run. It was a bit of a shock to my system. The first few miles felt hard. I was dreading running for hours. As the run progressed though I started feeling better and better. Slowly my pace started to effortlessly increase. My last four miles were my fastest of the entire run. I decided to try to do a fast finish for my final two miles. I pushed a bit harder to so that I was on the brink of all-out effort. Mile 20 was 8 min/mile on the dot and 21 was a 7:54! Needless to say I had a serious runner’s high when I was done.

I can only hope that I can pull that off on race day!

Week 11:

Monday – 12+ miles of walking
Tuesday – 12+ miles of walking
Wednesday – 6.55 mile run (7:56 min/mile avg.)
Thursday – 5×1200 @  7:13 min/mile (6.75 miles @ 7:43 min/mil avg.)
Friday – REST (finally)
Saturday – 21 miles
Sunday – Rest

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