Lake Wobegon Marathon Training {Week 12}

Spring is in full bloom here. This weekend I had the pleasure of running in sunny, 60+ degree weather. While I immediately regretted opting for capris rather than shorts, it was such a beautiful morning that I could deal with being a bit on the hot side. It was the complete opposite of the freezing cold weather we had the prior weekend.

Once again, I was able to finish faster than I started and negative split the second half of my run. Being able to achieve that makes me feel good about how training has gone. With only one more long run to go before taper, I’m hopeful the momentum I’ve built carries me right through to the end and into race day.

Being that it’s Marathon Monday, I can’t help but dream that I will be crossing the finish line at the Boston Marathon next year. A girl can dream…and work really hard to become a faster, stronger runner.

Monday – 3.75 mile indoor cycle + 2 mile walk + strength
Tuesday – 6 mile tempo @7:53 min/mile avg.
Wednesday – Orangetheory
Thursday – Rest
Friday – 6×800 @ 6:58 min/mile (6.25 miles @ 7:44 min/mile avg.)
Saturday – 18.03 miles
Sunday – Rest

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