Lake Wobegon Marathon Training {Week 14}

I had a scare this week.

No, not a pregnancy scare, a dreaded injury scare. Mid-workout at Orangetheory, just after a one minute all-out sprint, my IT band started burning. It didn’t hurt but burned like someone squirted a line of gasoline inside my leg and lit it. I stopped immediately, stretched and then tried to slowly run again. It kept burning so I got off the treadmill and moved over to the elliptical. The oh-shit, it’s close too the race looks on my friends Morgan and Ashley’s faces expressed just what I was feeling. This is not happening right? Just to be cautious, I skipped my interval run on Thursday, opting instead for a good 45 minutes of very painful foam rolling.

Confession, while I always stretch after runs, I have been severally neglecting foam rolling. Honestly, I really dislike foam rolling.  I hadn’t realized just how damn tight my IT bands had gotten. I was on the brink of tears when I finished.

I woke up very early Friday morning, with pain-free legs and decided to head to the gym for my intervals. With every interval distance I have a range of target paces. A little nervous about too much speed, I stayed at the slowest end of my range for my 800m intervals. I’m happy to report, no further burning sensation. In fact, I felt good. Little sore from Orangetheory and foam rolling, but not injury sore.

I felt good again for my run on Sunday morning, at least my legs did. I’m getting a cold again. My throat hurts, I have a headache and I’m tired. Really tired. If my sore throat doesn’t get better by Monday, I’m going to pop into Urgent Care for a strep test. Fingers crossed it’s just a silly little cold that I can kick ASAP.

13 days and counting.

Monday – 4 mile tempo (7:55 min/mile avg.)
Tuesday – 1800 yd swim
Wednesday – Orangetheory
Thursday – Rest
Friday – 7×800 @ 7:13 min/mile (7 miles @ 7:48 min/mile avg.)
Saturday – 15 mile run
Sunday – 1.5 mile walk

And since I forgot to include it in my previous training post, here’s what week 13 looked like:

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 6×1200 @ 7:08 min/mile (7.75 miles @ 7:47 min/mile avg.)
Wednesday – Orangetheory
Thursday – 7 mile tempo (7:57 min/mile avg.)
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 22 miles
Sunday – 3.05 mile cycle + 2.25 mile walk

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