Lake Wobegon Marathon Training {Week 15}

What’s that pain? OMG my throat is sore. There is no way I’d get sick before a marathon again. Nope, not a chance…right?

The taper crazies have set in. I’ve had phantom pains and trouble sleeping. I’ve had bad dreams and guess what, I’m sick. Luckily it is not strep. Phew. As it turns out it is just a run of the mill upper respiratory infection.

I’m seeing a trend here with my immune system. I’m starting to wonder if I’m self sabotaging because I’m afraid of missing my lofty goals. I mean what are the chances that I get sick before Chicago and then again this time around? This is just nuts. Over the past week I’ve napped just about every day, been hydrating, doing the netti pot and taking zinc in hopes that I will kick before race day.

Needless to say, I have taken it easy this week. I slowed my paces on my tempo and intervals this week and I skipped Orangetheory which was really a bummer. I also ran my last long run inside. Amy and I called it quits after just over a half mile into our run. Smoke from the fires in Canadian was so heavy, the air quality was awful. It just wasn’t worth it to stress my lungs any more than necessary. I was definitely glad that it was only 10 miles.

Next week calls for only two easy runs for a total of 50 minutes. One week to go!

Monday – 8 mile tempo (8:01 min/mile avg.)
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – 3 miles walk + strength
Thursday – 3×1600 @ 7:19 min/mile (7:51 min/mile avg.)
Friday – 2.25 mile walk
Saturday – 10.06 miles
Sunday – TBD but probably rest

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