Lake Wobegon Marathon Training Review

It’s race week! Eek. I’m feeling better than I was last week but still have a gross cough and phlegm stuck in my throat. I’m doing anything I can to get rid of it. Hopefully all will be well come Saturday morning.

This week is full of uneventful runs. I have only two scheduled, one was for 30 minutes last night and the other for 20 minutes which I’ll do on Thursday. Hopefully we will get a break in the rain tomorrow so I can also do that run outside. It’s much easier to let my body move at its natural pace outdoors. With little to report in actual training, I’m going to do a little training review. Over the past 15 weeks I’ve put in a lot of hard work.

Total Miles Run: 479.85
Average Weekly Mileage: 31.76 miles
Highest Weekly Mileage: 39 miles
Number of Tempo Runs: 15
Number of Interval Runs: 14
Fastest Interval Pace: 5:27 min/mile (Orangetheory), 6:18 min/mile (400m)
Number of Long Runs: 15
Average Long Run Distance: 15.4 miles
Average Long Run Pace: 8:27 min/mile
Number of Orangetheory Workouts: 13

Training through the winter in less than ideal conditions is no joke. While most of my runs were great, there were a few this round that were tough. Deep snow, extremely slippery ice and bitter cold kept training interesting. While those runs definitely slowed me down, I think they helped toughen me up a bit.

There are a few things I did a little differently this time around. First, I technically added a fourth day of running with the introduction of my weekly Orangetheory session. While this didn’t add much mileage, it was extra wear and tear on the body. I’d like to think that it’s helped with my speed and endurance. After all, I definitely had never run 5:27 min/mile interval before.

I upped my mileage ever so slightly as well. For the first time I hit nearly 40 miles in a single week. I’ve never done that before. I believe in my last training cycle my highest mileage was 37 miles. While that is pretty minimal weekly mileage for some marathoners, I think it’s pretty good for only running three days/week. My body handled both the increase in mileage and addition of Orangetheory well.

Hopefully all of this training will pay off on race day.

The weather is looking promising at the moment. The forecast is for upper 30s when we start and a high in the mid-50s for the day with 15-25 mph winds. If those are tail winds, I’ll be all for it. I’m struggling to decided on what to wear. I think I’ll bring multiple options with me.

For now, I’m off to celebrate National Foam Rolling Day. I know you’re jealous.

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