Prepping for Boston Training

After years of hard work, this past year in particular, I’m on my way to Boston. I’m excited, nervous and every emotion in between. With about five weeks to go before training starts, it’s time to get my head and body back in the game. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do to make this training cycle really work for me.

  1. Step back from weekly mileage just enough not to be fatigued when training officially starts. I’m going to basically reverse taper from the half, slowly building so that my first week of training isn’t more than a 10% jump in weekly mileage.
  2. Finalize my training plan. There is always flexibility with my plans, but I want to at least have a good grasp on my what my training will look like and take into account any travel we might have planned.
  3. Get my diet in check. With no specific goals since my marathon back in May, my diet has been bad. Atrocious really. Burgers, yes. Desserts…you better believe it. Booze..why not? To run well, I need to fuel well.
  4. Kick up strength. I say this all the time but now I will have a breather with time to do it. Even if I only manage do to the 30 Day Shred, it’s something.
  5. Drop a few pounds. Refer to #2. While I’m still well within the healthy range for my height and age, I’m about 8-10 lbs heavier than my average adult weight. I’d like to get back down there and just see how it affects my running. I’d also be nice to fit back into some of my older clothes that are a big snug and not cringe when I see full body shots of myself.
  6. Hydrate. I’ve been so so bad about drinking enough fluids. I feel it.
  7. Get some sleep. My internal clock has been totally off. I’m not only staying up late, but waking up early, like 4 am early, for no reason. That, and the germs the kids bring home from school, may be why my immune system isn’t quite up to snuff.
  8. Enjoy the downtime. I’m planning on Boston being my last marathon for a little while. How long is a little while? I don’t know. These five weeks will be a nice time to breathe a little before training takes priority again.