Boston Training {Weeks 1-3}

Whoa, I just wrapped up week three of Boston training and it’s been months since I posted. I completely missed blogging about Thanksgiving and the new 5k PR I set at our Turkey Trot. I missed blogging about going to the tv show Bones wrap party and getting to meet the stars of the show. (I’m so Hollywood. Ha.) I missed Christmas and New Years. I’m sure no one cares that much so we’ll just move on. Rather than go back through the details of the past three weeks, I’m just going to go over some highlights of my training thus far.

  1. Realizing I’m training for the freaking Boston Marathon. THE BOSTON MARATHON! Holy crap.
  2. This beautiful view during one of my runs in Colorado. It was an amazing eight miles at an unexpected pace considering my first run at altitude felt ridiculously difficult.15777103_10103294110233673_1644035172606486817_o
  3. Gaining a new appreciation for the treadmill. Training is off to a rough start weather-wise. The Polar Vortex took hold my first week and another round came through this week. It seems that it’s nicest mid-week then gets bitterly cold on the weekend. I’m sorry, but I’m not going outside in sub-zero temps with wind chills up to -20+. Nope. Thank you treadmills. I love you and hate you. To mix it up, I’ve been running various courses on the ‘mill or hitting random so that my inclines change periodically. After all, Boston is not flat.

Not many highlights just yet, but that’s ok. We have 99 days and a lot of training left. While I’m training hard, I’ve set only one goal for this marathon, enjoy every minute. That’s it, that’s all I want to accomplish. I’m so excited for April. Josh has even booked my post-race massage already. Yassss!

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