Boston Marathon Training {Week Four}

Another week in the books and I feel exhausted. This week was a bit much for me effort-wise. I had three very intense runs this week that I normally would not do in rapid succession or ever recommend for a client to do. Lesson learned and not to be repeats.

It was also another week inside, unfortunately. While warm enough to run outside late Saturday morning, my stomach was none too happy which made the treadmill a must. This week was killer for speed work. Three intense workouts had me exhausted going into my long run this weekend.

The highlight of the week, my fastest 24 minutes of running ever. It was peak performance week at Orangetheory. The performance challenge for my class on Tuesday night, run as far as you can in 24 minutes. Going in I figured I would start out at 9 mph and just see how long I could hold it. Once on the treadmill, after the warm-up, I started getting a little nervous. Thanks to a testimonial posted on my local OTFs Facebook page, it’s out there to all the members that I’m a pretty fast runner these days. No pressure or anything on workouts like this…

I hung onto a 6:40 min/mile pace for the first two and a half miles. Then I needed to slow a bit. I was feeling dinner trying to come back up which eek. At my slowest, I was down to a 7:04 min/mile pace before ending my run at a 6:31 min/mile pace for a total of 3.562 miles. That’s an average of 6:44 min/mile for that 24 minutes. I was pretty excited but kicked myself when I realized I could have had the farthest run for a female if I’d just picked up the pace for like 10 more seconds. Next time!

The rest of the week:

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – Orangetheory (3.562 miles)
Wednesday – 8 mile run (6 at tempo)
Thursday – 3.14 mile walk + light weights
Friday – 10×400 @ 6:13 min/mile w/ 2 mile WU and CD (8.75 miles)
Saturday – 14 mile run
Sunday – 3.25 mile walk

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