Boston Marathon Training {Week Five}

There they were, my shorts and running shoes tucked into my gym bag waiting for me to put them on. With two hours until preschool pick-up, I had plenty of time for the tempo run my training plan called for. I looked down at my feet as I hung my coat in my locker, my retired running shoes slightly wet from the slush already on. With a sigh and a shrug, instead of changing, I put my bag into the locker and walked out onto the gym floor. I could not bring myself to run.

Motivation was a huge issue this week. I didn’t have None. I’m not sure if it’s a combination of lack of sleep and the gloom of winter or if I’m just burned out. I have a feeling it’s the latter with the lack of sleep just an added bonus. For a solid two years, I’ve been training hard. I’ve been working to continue to set new personal bests at every race I do. Working to get faster and stronger to run my way to a place in Boston.  Now that I’ve done it, I should be full of motivation to train hard for it. But I’m not. I’m tired.

Boston is my victory lap. It is my celebration race. While obviously I will not go in under-trained, I don’t really feel like working so hard to gain speed. Honestly, I’m ready to be done with marathon training for a while. I need a break. I’m looking forward to it. With 11 weeks to go, I need to get my shit together though. I’ve worked too hard to let myself down now. So tomorrow, I’m going to try to add a little more pep in my step. Try to remotivate (is that even a word? I don’t think so but I’m going with it.) myself to put in the miles so that when I make my way down Boylston I’m not upset that I didn’t work a little harder for the race I’ve been working towards for years.

What helps you when your motivation wains?

Monday – 3 mile walk
Tuesday – 5×1200 @ 6:53 min/mile (8.75 miles total)
Wednesday – Orangetheory (3.94 miles)
Thursday – 30 min elliptical + 15 min bike + strength
Friday – 9 miles w/ 7 at tempo
Saturday – 15 mile run + 4 mile walk
Sunday – Rest

One thought on “Boston Marathon Training {Week Five}

  1. I can so relate to feeling unmotivated and discouraged. A recent shoulder injury has really curtailed my workouts. I can’t do my beloved pilates or upper body weight training and running more than a mile or two brings on the pain in my shoulder. My twice weekly PT is brutal and pain is practically a constant companion. Sometimes I guess you have to find the motivation when you you think you have totally lost it. Maybe try something new? The weather definitely doesn’t help. What about ice skating? It is fun and indoors and really works the lower body and endurance if you get some speed going. Even an indoor roller rink could be fun and you could take Ella. Sometimes just taking that day to indulge in a movie or something totally unrelated can help with a refocus. Something tells me you are going to be great in the Boston Marathon no matter how you are feeling right now. I love you!

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