Boston Marathon Training {Week 9}

A mountain of used tissues had sprung up on the night stand next to my side of the bed overnight. What started as a scratchy throat and a slight headache on Monday had turned into a full blown, very nasty cold by Thursday. The kind of cold that just knocks you out and leaves your nose raw and Rudolphesk.

Here it is, Sunday afternoon and I’m still blowing my nose every 10 minutes and downing Tylenol just to try to alleviate the pressure in my head. Needless to say this, my last week before training starts to peak, was not my best week. I knew I was getting sick when I ran my tempo run on Monday. Tuesday, I rested as usual, hoping that I’d be good to go. Wednesday, I forgot to cancel Orangetheory, so rather than throw away $15, I went. It was my worst performance ever. Thursday I was down. Friday, I tried to run again, nope. I made it a single mile before I said there is no way I can do this, my entire body ached. But it was 65 degrees and sunny, so I ate my chicken noodle soup at the park where the kids ran around for three hours. We all needed the sun and warmth.


After going to bed at 8:30 on Friday night, I was determined to at least get part of my long run done. I hate missing runs, especially two in a row which would include a long one. Saturday morning I took my trusty cold and flu medicine and went to meet my friends. I sounded freaking awful when we first started. I was questioning whether I would make it through three miles, let alone 16. Luckily I have very patient and understanding running partners. They slowed way down for me.


The weather was incredible for February in Minnesota. With temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s, a blue sky with warm sunshine, it was a treat of a winter run. By the fourth mile, my cold medicine had kicked in and I was feeling much better. I still had to stop to blow my nose every few miles, but the fresh air and Vitamin D were doing wonders, at least for distracting me from my ills.

When we finished, I vowed to be lazy the rest of the day. Aside from a short walk with the kids and dog, and playing with them out in the 60 degree weather, I was. I took it easy, even catching a 30 minute nap while the kids watched some PBS kids show. Bless them for being at an age where I can lay on the couch with them and they let me sleep for a few minutes. They knew that mommy really needed it.

I just hope that this passes soon and I can get back on track. Next weekend is the first of my three 20+ milers. Wouldn’t you know it, we might have a blizzard on Friday night. Gah! We shall see what happens. I’m hoping that maybe it waits until Saturday night for me so I can get some miles in outside rather than having to run inside. Fingers crossed!

Week in Review:

Monday – 8 miles w/6 at Tempo
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – Orangetheory (3.14 miles)
Thursday – Sick
Friday – 1 mile/Sick
Saturday – 16 miles
Sunday – Rest

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