Boston Marathon Training {Week 10}

Monday morning I knew I still wasn’t ready to run again. Truth be told, I should not have done my long run on Saturday. I was sick, really sick. Would missing a long run have broken my opportunity for success in Boston, probably not. Mentally, it would have totally screwed with me. So I waited until Tuesday to get back on the horse, or treadmill as it would be in this case. It was worth the wait. I’m still coughing and a bit stuffy, but feel human again. My tempo miles felt good, easy even, indicating I probably could have been running a bit faster than I was.

So, how sick should you be before you decided to skip a run? I don’t think there is really a specific measure. Everyone’s tolerance is different. Being stubborn, I’m a horrible example of knowing when I’m too sick. I mean, I did run a marathon with strep. Never again. Anyway, here’s my thoughts on when you should skip a run, or two, however many it takes for you to get better.

  1. Do not run if you’re vomiting or have diarrhea. If you cannot hold down liquids or food, you risk complications from severe dehydration.
  2. Don’t run if you have a fever. Your body temperature naturally rises when you exercise, which can make you more sick.
  3. Don’t run if you have body aches or symptoms below the neck such as chest heaviness.

A rule of thumb to remember, if your symptoms are from the neck up, you’re probably ok to run unless you just don’t feel like it. From the neck down, or includes a fever, skip the run and get some much needed rest.

One more note on last week. I hit the big 4-0 for the first time ever. It meant running less than a mile on Sunday night, but I couldn’t be that close to hitting 40 miles and not do it. While some think the  key to marathon success is running all.the.miles, I don’t. Quality over quantity for me. This won’t be the last time I hit 40 or more miles before Boston, but the first time was pretty exciting.

Weekly Wrap-Up:

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 9 miles w/7 at Tempo
Wednesday – Orangetheory (2.09 miles)
Thursday – 3×1600 @ 6:58 min/mile with 2 mile WU/CD (8 miles total)
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 20.1 miles
Sunday -0.81 miles

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