Getting Back on the Horse

It’s been months since I posted here. It just hasn’t been a priority with so much going on lately. I thought I’d pop in and do a little update post-surgery.

Surgery was back on November 7th. What was supposed to be a quick, get in, pull out the floating body, sew it up, turned out to be a little more invasive. When they got into my knee, they saw some cartilage damage from my 20 year old injury and the floating body. In order to help it regenerate a bit, they did some microfracturing. When I woke up from the anesthesia, I was disappointed to learn it would be at least three to four weeks until I would be able to run. I left on crutches which was unexpected, and I was in some pain. The pain meds did a number on my stomach so after the first two days, I stopped taking them.

Over the next week I started doing a series of recommended exercises to get mobility back in my knee. After my first post-op, I was told that I could ride a stationary bike, very slowly an with no resistance. They also told me I was going to have to wait three to five more weeks to run. WHAT?! That was a blow. Not that I was ready to run just yet, but I started to panic as I was suppose to start marathon training the first week of January.

I listened though. I rode that stationary bike and started walking on the treadmill. A few weeks later, I was given the ok to start running. My first run was on the indoor track of our local sports dome. It felt strange and stiff, but the longer I ran, the better it started to feel. I covered about three miles that morning and had a huge smile on my face.

After that run I followed up with the coach I’d contacted a few months prior. I had decided I would need help getting back from surgery and I also needed help breaking through my plateau. He started me run/walking and after a few weeks of that, slowly (both pace and distance) building a base so I could safely start marathon training. I happy to report, things are going well thus far. My legs are tired but I haven’t had any pain. I don’t have that little floating fragment pulling at my tendons which is awesome. My IT band gets so from time to time, but I figure that’s normal considering they cut through it.

I’ll report back soon about how marathon training is going thus far, how it’s different from what I’ve been doing and why as a coach, I wanted a coach.

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